Articles entre 2001 et 2005


GS - Cette page référence les articles où Tcl-Tk est cité entre 2001 et 2005.


- Xavier Garreau, Critcl, extensions Tcl en C à la volée, GNU Linux Magazine France n°77, Novembre 2005, pp58-65. A lire sur UnixGarden: [1]

- Maciej Sobczak, C++/Tk - un autre regard sur les GUI, Programmation sous Linux n°1, Novembre 2005, pp10-12.

- Sean Lewkiw, Light work: Houdini scripting for artists, 3D World Magazine, Issue 68, September 2005, pp48-50.

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- Will Ballard, Jacl.NET, Dr. Dobb's Journal, January 2005. [3] (pdf,463Ko)

- Carsten Zerbst, Federlesen: Webservices mit Tcl-SOAP in eigene Skripte einbinden, Linux Magazin, November 2005.

- Carsten Zerbst, Federlesen: Neue Features in Tcl 8.5, Linux Magazin, September 2005.

- Carsten Zerbst, Federlesen: Eigene Tk-Anwendungen entwickeln, Linux Magazin, Mai 2005.

- Carsten Zerbst, Federlesen: Das leistungsfähige Tk-Textwidget, Linux Magazin, März 2005. [4]

- Carsten Zerbst, Federlesen: RSS-Newsfeeds lesen mit Tcl, Snit und TDOM, Linux Magazin, Januar 2005.

- Cuneyt Sert, A Tutor Program for a Numerical Course for Engineer, American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) 2005 Conference. [5] (pdf,625Ko)

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- Carsten Zerbst, Feder-Lesen: Jacl und Tclblend verbinden Tcl und Java, Linux Magazin, November 2004.

- Carsten Zerbst, Feder-Lesen: Die Tcllib, Linux Magazin, September 2004.

- Carsten Zerbst, Feder-Lesen: Tcl-Erweiterung selbst entwickeln, Linux Magazin, Juli 2004.

- Carsten Zerbst, Feder-Lesen: Datenreihen in Tcl-Programmen visualisieren, Linux Magazin, Mai 2004.

- Carsten Zerbst, Feder-Lesen: LDAP-Inhalte mit TCL bearbeiten, Linux Magazin, März 2004.

- Carsten Zerbst, Starkit schnürt TCL-Programme und Module zu einer ausführbaren Datei, Linux Magazin, Januar 2004.

- Derek Fountain, GUI Scripting with Tcl/Tk, Linux journal, March, 2004. [9]


- Carsten Zerbst, Feder-Lesen: Programme von TCL aus starten, Linux Magazin, November 2003.

- Carsten Zerbst, Das Tcl-basierte Framework für Webapplikationen: Websh, Linux Magazin, September 2003.

- Carsten Zerbst, Integrierte Datenbank für Tcl, Linux Magazin, Juli 2003.

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- Carsten Zerbst, Web applications with Tcl web server, Linux Magazine issue 23, 2002, pp60-64. [14] (pdf,904Ko)

- Carsten Zerbst, Processing XML documents with Tcl and tDOM, Linux Magazine issue 20, 2002, pp68-70. [15] (pdf,175Ko)

- Carsten Zerbst, Useful Tcl and Tcllib functions, Linux Magazine issue 18, 2002, pp52-55. [16] (pdf,181Ko)

- Carsten Zerbst, Scientific visualization with VTK and Tcl, Linux Magazine issue 16, 2002, pp60-63. [17] (pdf,261Ko)

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- Carsten Zerbst, Object-Oriented Tcl, Linux Magazine issue 11, 2001, pp34-36. [22] (pdf,157Ko)

- Carsten Zerbst, The ArsDigita Community System, Linux Magazine issue 6, 2001, pp23-25. [23] (pdf,211Ko)

- Sidney S. Fels and Matt Yedlin, EasyOgl: Fast Prototyping Environment for 3D Multimedia Integration using Tcl/Tk and OpenGL, IEEE Conference on Multimedia and Exposition (ICME2001), pp497-500, August 2001. [24] (pdf,66Ko)

- John P. Fletcher, Symbolic processing of Clifford Numbers in C++, AGACSE2001 Conference, July 2001. [25]

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- B. Bevins and A. Hofler, A Distributed Feedback System for Rapid Stabilization of Arbitrary Process Varaibles, ICALEPCS 2001 Proceedings, November 2001. [27]

- Steven Bird and Mark Liberman, A formal framework for linguistic annotation, Speech Communication 33(1,2), pp 23-60, 2001. [28]

- Peter Daalgard, The R-Tcl/Tk interface, 2nd International Workshop on Distributed Statistical Computing (DSC 2001). [29] (pdf,204Ko)

- Interview de l'auteur de Sketch : Bernard Herzog, Linux Magazine France n°26, mars 2001, pp9-11.

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