Articles entre 1996 et 2000


GS - Cette page référence les articles où Tcl-Tk est cité entre 1996 et 2000.


- Lutz Prechelt, An empirical comparison of seven programming languages, IEEE Computer 33(10), October 2000, pp23-29. [1] (pdf,67Ko)

- Mathieu Philippe, Scilab un logiciel libre pour le Calcul Scientifique. L'interface utilisateur, GNU Linux Magazine France, Septembre 2000, p27.

- Sibylle Nägle, Die Kommandozeile macht sich schön (2), Linux Magazin, Oktober 2000. [2]

- Sibylle Nägle, Die Kommandozeile macht sich schön, Linux Magazin, August 2000. [3]

- Sibylle Nägle, Die Kommandozeile wird selbstständig, Linux Magazin, Juni 2000. [4]

- Sibylle Nägle, Ein Kleid für die Kommandozeile, Linux Magazin, April 2000. [5]

- Pavel Gajer and Stephen G. Kobourov, GRIP: Graph Drawing with Intelligent Placement, 8th Symposium on Graph Drawing (GD), pp222-228, 2000. [6] (pdf,183Ko)

- Duncan Prindle and Thomas Trainor, DSV - A General Visualization Tool for HEP Event Data, International Conference on Computing in Hih Energy and Nuclear Physics, February 2000.

- F. Mao and L. Lai, Molsee: a Tcl/Tk-based program to control Rasmol, Journal of Applied Crystalography, (2000) 33, pp1445-1446.

- S. Nießen, F.J. Och, G. Leusch, H. Ney, An Evaluation Tool for Machine Translation: Fast Evaluation for MT Research, Proc. LREC 2000: 2nd International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation, pp. 39-45. Athens, Greece, May-June 2000. [7] (ps,16Mo)

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- John K. Ousterhout, Extensibility in Tcl, Dr. Dobb's Journal, June 1999.

- Scott A. Moody, Samuel Kwok and Dale Karr, Simplegraphics: Tcl/Tk Visualization of Real-Time Multi-Threaded and Distributed Applications, 9th International Real-Time Ada Workshop, March 99. [10] (pdf,125Ko)

- C. Cracknell and A.C. Downton, A Handwriting Understanding Environment (HUE) for Rapid Prototyping in Handwriting and Document Analysis Research, Fifth International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition, September 1999.

- Chris Houser, Pie Menus for All: a portable, freely reusable implementation of improved computer menus, The Annals of Kinjo Gakuin University, Volume of Human Science, pp51-71, March 1999. [11]

- Yin Zhang, WebScript - A Scripting Language for the Web, CoRR cs.NI/9904011: (1999). [12]

- Mudumbai Ranganathan, Laurent Andrey, Virginie Galtier, Virginie Schaal, AGNI : encore des agents mobiles !, Colloque Francophone sur l'Ingénierie des Protocoles, Nancy, 1999. [13] (pdf,310Ko)


- Daniel Roche, L'écriture d'interface graphique en Tcl/Tk, GNU Linux Magazine France n°2, Décembre 1998. [14]

- Fred Pesch, Les menus de Tk, Dream n°47, pp58-59, Janvier 1998 [15]

- Sidney S. Fels and Kenji Mase, InvenTcl: A Fast Prototyping Environment for 3D Graphics and Multimedia Applications, 1st International Conference on Advanced Multimedia Content Processing, November 1998. [16] (ps.gz,255Ko) [17] (pdf,256Ko)

- Paroles de gourous: interview de Philippe Chassany, expert en Tcl-Tk, Programmez n°2, Eté 1998, pp50-51 [18]

- Jonathan S. Arney, C Preprocessing With Tcl, Dr. Dobb's Journal, August 1998.

- Ed Huai-hsin Chi, Phillip Barry, John Riedl, Joseph Konstan, Principles for Information Visualization Spreadsheets, IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications (Special Issue on Visualization) July/August, 1998, IEEE CS Press, pp30-38. [19] (pdf,612Ko)

- Cameron Laird and Kathryn Soraiz, Get a Grip on Scripts, Byte, June 1998.

- John K. Ousterhout, Scripting: Higher Level Programming for the 21st Century, IEEE Computer Magazine, March 1998. [20]

- Scott Stanton, TclBlend: Blending Tcl and Java, Dr. Dobb's Journal, February 1998.

- J.A. Dykes, Cartographic visualization: Exploratory spatial data analysis with local indicators of spatial association using Tcl/Tk and cdv, The Statistician, 47(3), pp485-497.

- S. Khoury, A. Freed et D. Wessel, Volumetric Modeling of Acoustic Fields in CNMAT's Sound Spatialization Theatre, AES 104th Convention, San Francisco, CA, 1998. [21]

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- H. John Reekie, Edward A. Lee , The Tycho Slate: Complex Drawing and Editing in Tcl/Tk, Proceedings of the USENIX Technical Program, 1998. [27]


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- Fred Pesch, En finir avec le packer, Dream n°43, p46-47, Septembre 1997 [32]

- Fred Pesch, Substitutions et listes ..., Dream n°44, p54-55, Octobre 1997 [33]

- Fred Pesch, Ca marche !, Dream n°45, p54-55, Novembre 1997 [34]

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- Bob Friesenhahn, Expect Offers Unix Scripting, Byte, April 1997.

- Robert S. Gray, Agent Tcl, Dr. Dobb's Journal, March 1997.

- Sidney S. Fels, Armin Bruderlin, Silvio Esser and Kenji Mase, InvenTcl: Making Open Inventor Interpretive with Tcl/[incr Tcl], Visual Proceedings of SIGGRAPH'97, p91, August 1997. [37] (pdf,76Ko)

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- Van Zeijts, J., Witherspoon S., Watson W.A., Design and implementation of a slow orbit control package at ThomasJefferson National Accelerator Facility, PAC'97 Proceedings, Volume 2, 12-16 May 1997, pp2386-2388. [44]

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- H. Peine, T. Stolpmann, The Architecture of the Ara Platform for Mobile Agents, Proceedings Mobile Agents - First International Workshop, MA 97, Berlin, April 1997.

- T. Sicheritz-Pontén, BioWish: a molecular biology command extension to Tcl/Tk, Computer Applications in the Biosciences, December 1997, 13(6), pp621-622.


- D. J. Asson, A. Bose and A. Krueger, A Tcl/Tk-Based, Intelligent Graphical Editor for Preparing HST Programs, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems V, ASP Conference Series, Vol. 101, 1996. [47]

- Thomas Frauenstein, Wolfgang Grieskamp, Peter Pepper and Mario Südholt, Communicating Functional Agents and their Application to Graphical User Interfaces, 2nd International Conference on Perspectives of System Informatics (PSI96), Novosibirsk, June 1996. [48] (ps.gz,37Ko) [49] (ps.gz,95Ko)

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